The Valley
Historical Sites
The Valley

Mesolcina Valley

The Mesolcina valley, surrounded by its immense mountain chain, is the wonderful home of Shankra Festival: fresh air, bright shades and a long history that dates back to ancient times are the background of a memorable festival experience.

The Mountains

As gentle giants, mountains silently guard the valley: the Mesolcina Mountains Chain reaches the height of over three thousand metres, and it is the ​origin of the waterfalls and the transparent pond that lie on the festival grounds

The River

The valley was created by the patient waters of Moesa river, nourishment of the surrounding fields. The crystal-clear waters are home of many types of fishes, and hold a pleasant refreshment during the hot summer days.


Take a walk and explore the characteristic nearby village: Lostallo stretches on the right shore of Moesa river, at an height of over four hundred metres above sea level. Take a moment to gaze at beautiful dry-stonewalls of the local buildings, built following ancient architectural traditions. The town offers the basic services: supermarkets, ATM, restaurants and bars, and it's easily reachable from Shankra Festival.

Wildlife, Flora and Biodiversity

Chestnut trees, pines and firs give their shadows to green grounds, giving birth to the perfect environment to relax, have fun and connect with Nature. The biodiversity of the area, together with the diverse wildlife and flora, gives the opportunity to get in touch with the idyllic image of the valley.

The Waterfalls

Born from a spring up in the Mesolcina Chain, passing through rock to rock, jumping over the hills, the tiny stream becomes a fierce waterfalls that release​ all its energy in our intimate pond, surrounded by the shades of pine trees.

The Grottos

Everywhere around our valley, traditional grottos can be discovered, to get in touch with local tastes. “Grotto” means cave: for our ancestors, the place to store food. Grottos are simple taverns in quiet hideaway places, in the shade of trees, where you can eat and relax on solid granite tables and benches.

Historical Sites

Bellinzona Castles (UNESCO Heritage)

Part of the UNESCO Heritage, Castelgrande, Montebello Castle and Sasso Corbaro Castle represent the rich history of the nearby city of Bellinzona.

Mesocco Castle

Less than ten kilometres north to Lostallo, look up and catch the sight of Mesocco Castle, dominating the Mesolcina valley from ancient times.

Ruins of Norantola Castle

Just outside the festival grounds, between Lostallo and the ancient village of Cama, you can discover the ancient hidden ruins of Norantola Castle.


Iragna’s Pool (Pózz Bórgh)

Cool down and relax in the crystal-clear waters of Iragna’s Pool, less than thirty minutes from Lostallo.

Santa Petronilla Waterfalls

The tiny stream of “Ri della Froda”, from up in the mountains, turns into the highest waterfalls of the Ticino area, Santa Petronilla Waterfalls.

Cama Valley and Leggia Valley Natural Forest Park

Few kilometers south from Lostallo, the Cama Valley and Leggia Valley host the biggest natural forest park in Switzerland.

The Carasc Tibetan Bridge

Take a walk on one of the longest Tibetan bridges in Switzerland: more than 200 metres walking on 130 metres above the ground.

The Contra Dam

The Contra Dam stands out as one of the biggest dams in Switzerland, embracing the waters of the Verzasca River. It creates a scenic landscape, surrounded by the towering peaks of the Swiss Alps: it was in fact the chosen setting of many movies.

Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano, also called Ceresio (from the latin “Bluer than the sky”), stretches between Switzerland and Italy. With its rich history, dating back to pre-historical times, and its dreamy scenery, it represents one of the main attractions of the area.

The Maggia Valley

The Maggia Valley could be described as the hiker’s heaven: pristine Nature, majestic mountain peaks and lush fields, dotted with traditional Tessin villages, where the historical culture of the area can be discovered.

Verzasca Valley

Smooth ravines, opening up to crystal clear water, surrounded by green fields: Val Verzasca can be explored by bike, hiking or simply strolling around its impressive mountain landscape.



If your passion is reaching the top of vertical walls with your bare hands and feet, you'll find the most adventurous locations all around the Bellinzona Area.


Local mountain waterways are the ideal location for canyoning: descending on foot from impassable stretches using ropework or down-climbing.


From the festival grounds, countless trails that brings around the Bellinzona Area or the Graubünden Area can be easily reached.

Gotthard Pass & The World’s Longest Tunnel

The historical mountain pass connecting North and South gained European importance since the Roman era. Explore the king of the alpine passes or take a ride in the world’s longest and deepest rail tunnel (57 km), a unique masterpiece of engineering!

Stand up Paddle Surfing

If you love to be surrounded by nature, know how to swim and have a little balance, the “stand up paddle surfing” is the right sport for you. Just a few kilometres away from the festival you can find Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano were to practice this discipline; rent paddles and take lessons with expert teachers. Enjoy.


If you take a bike with you, do not miss the opportunity to discover the territory of Mesolcina or Ticino. These regions offer plenty of official itineraries, specially ​and carefully selected for bike lovers.

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