Surrounded by the magnificent Swiss Alps, immersed in the natural landscape, let yourself move to the rhythm of music in the fascinating experience of Shankra Festival in Switzerland.  Be part of our global community and celebrate life through music, arts, and culture, diving into this five-day adventure.

Embrace the Unexpected - Poetry
Jan 14, 2021 | Shankra Switzerland

Embrace the unexpected...our magical Lostallo Valley in Switzerland is covered in snow these first days of 2021 ❄️

From the boundaries of the sky rolling to the perpetual stream of life,

lofty mountains made of ice and rock, 

bursting splendour and ethereal clouds, 

sounds of steps resonating through the vales, 

together we are in a ceaseless motion, 

an harmony of a kind,

blooming under the soil, 

snowy, restless, silent, 

feeling deeply universal minds, 

beaming growth getting louder and louder, 

and sighs as 

music begins. 


when feeling understood

Overthrowing the limits of feeble dreams, 

flowers, fields and trees standing tall, 

relentless beats of presence, 

birds from far coming back,

coming anew, 

flying over mighty hollows,

secret lands of abundance, 

where stillness and motion

Embrace the unexpected. 

Through winter, Nature enhances introspection and suggests us to preserve our energy. 

With the beginning of a new year, we are faced with a chance for renovation, to prepare ourselves to bloom again and again ✨

 📝Poem by @poetical.being

Your Life is Your Message

Shankra Festival 


Music is the ultimate and fundamental core of our Festival. Get an insight of the musical journey you will experience on the three dance floors, covering the wide spectrum of Psychedelic Trance Music.


Expressing what we have inside is the engine that makes us create. At Shankra Festival we want to showcase diverse performances, from dance shows to theatre acts, fire performances and juggling exhibitions.


Dance, laugh and be blessed between our gigantic mountains. A valley which invites you to deepen your level of consciousness by offering you the ideal wonderful space to fully express yourself.


Beyond music, our main goal is to create a diverse and complete experience. Our activity program takes you on a guided journey to to get in touch with new and mind expanding experiences, while shaping new abilities and collecting inspiring knowledge.

Children's village

It would not be a connective experience without including one of the most important elements of our lives, family. Spend time with your children, surrounded by nature: cultivate with them a curious mindset, through the diverse activities organized in the Children's Village.


Knowledge is the most precious value we can gain. Through knowledge, we can get in touch with deep meanings and unexpected connections that can change our perception of reality. Enrich your personal culture by following our program of lectures: a broad range of topics will be addressed, covering different areas of interest.

Healing Practices

Reconnecting with your body, touching inner spots and cleaning your spirit is sometimes a much-needed process that we tend to underestimate in our daily routine. At Shankra Festival, we want to give you the techniques to consciously work towards a deeper understanding of yourself, your spirit and the planet, with the precious help of healers from all around the world.

Live Painting

The most powerful way of creating is using our imagination. Sharing our visions with people is like selling plane tickets to our personal world: you will be able to travel through the artistic expressions of painters and creators, presented in a unique environment.
Shankra Festival