Historical Sites

Enjoy a train ride

Take a train from Kandy to Ella and start your ride in this adventurous 7-hour travel through verdant tea plantations, rice fields and incredible mountain views. This is a good chance to mingle with locals and get to know them!

Hiking: Sigiriya

Sigiriya – also known as Lion’s Rock, this is a rock fortress located in the Matale region. Climb up to visit these ancient ruins surrounded by gardens and lagoons. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, be prepared to the breathtaking landscape and the dramatic view once you reach the top and watch the entire forest below.

Hiking: Adam’s Peak

Located in central Sri Lanka, the 2'243-meter tall mountain is known for its popular pilgrimage site by locals where the “sacred footprint”, a 1.8m rock formation, is believed to be the footprint of Buddha, Shiva and Adam. Many pilgrims walk up to the mountain towards the end of the day to enjoy the breathtaking sunrise from the top, where the shadow of the mountain transforms into a triangular shape light than extends itself throughout the sky. 

Surf the Waves! 

With 1340 km of tropical coastline, you will find endless tropical white sand beaches, turquoise water and swaying palms. Sri Lankan beaches are a hot spot for snorkelers and surfers, just wait for the perfect wind and waves! 

Whale Watching  in Trincomalee

Trincomalee is a port city and is situated at the northeast coast: a place to spend time between lagoons and beaches. This is also considered the best place to spot the largest animal living in the earth – the blue whale.

Tea Plantations

Visit Nuwara Eliya: in the oval-shaped plateau town surrounded by the mountains,  discover the irresistible fragrance of black Ceylon tea by visiting the tea plantations situated in the Central Province of the country. 

Historical Sites

Anuradhapura – Ancient heritage

The city is one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka, and it is renowned for its archaic ruins, now part of the World Heritage site. Palaces, monasteries, monuments and bell-shaped stupas, the city will give you the vibrations of the ancient majestic pilgrim site, dating back over 2'000 years.

Jaffna Public Library

A place of symbolic importance for all Sri Lankans, here you can find a repository of precious archival material written in palm leaf manuscripts, original copies about the historical and cultural history of the country. 


Discover the wildlife

Sri Lanka is home for great wildlife: leopards, elephants, sloth bears, blue whales… a wild species of fauna lives here. The country is also renowned as a birder’s paradise, with a variety of endemic, migratory and resident avifauna residing here. The exotic flora’s abundance is also a particularity of the island.  

Explore the small islands on a boat trip

Sri Lanka is surrounded by many little islands to the North and the Eastern part: you will see donkeys roam around freely in Mannar island, wild horses and huge Baobab trees in Delft Island, rock pigeons and coral gardens in Pigeon Island and holy shrines adorned by typical palmyrah trees all around. 


The City of Colombo

Capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo carries a long history as a port city, the gateway to the east to west trading routes, ruled by Portuguese, Dutch and British.  Colombo’s skyline is a transforming combination of both contemporary and colonial influence. Swarming with markets, galleries and shops, you will find plenty of inspiring places to eat and drink, including worth trying street food options. 

Food Market

Bananas, mangos, coconuts, hot chillies and a variety of green leaves… Explore the local food markets: you will be amazed by the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables grown organically! Take a look at these colourful jewels swarming with vivacious vendors.

Jaffna City

Capital of the Northern Province, Jaffna is a cultural melting pot ornamented with ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples. Leaf through old writings in the Public Library, discover the Dutch fort and embrace the local life by diving into the colourful markets.

Kandy City

Located in central Sri Lanka, Kandy is surrounded by multiple mountain ranges and it is famous for its biodiversity. Admire the peaceful lake, take a walk in the botanic garden or dance to the rhythm of a local drum concert!

Shankra Festival