The Beginning of a New Journey - Sri Lanka
Dec 4, 2020 | Shankra Sri Lanka

Dear Shankra Family,

During the intense changes that recently invested the world, we have been holding on firmly on the belief that art, in any form, continues to give us the privilege of becoming who we are.

Shankra Festival came to life to celebrate art and psychedelic music by promoting self-expression in natural landscapes. In 2015, the Lostallo valley in Switzerland became our first home, welcoming people from all over the world in a collective celebration.

Beginning a journey means being conscious of our strength and weaknesses, embrace dreams and deepest fears, to step away from the ordinary; bearing this in our minds and hearts, we are grateful to announce that Shankra Festival will have an additional location in Sri Lanka.

Shankra Festival Sri Lanka will take place between 14-20 of February 2022, and it will be a seven-day gathering of psytrance music, art and activities immersed in the Indian Pearl.

This moment is ours to reinvent, discover and explore new possibilities in our realities.

A dream that we want to share globally, beyond any social or cultural difference.

Shankra Festival Switzerland (which will run 7-11/7/2021) and Shankra Festival Sri Lanka (taking place 14-20/2/2022) are and will continue to be the results of the enormous support and trust that we receive from you.

Your Life is Your Message

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