Shankra Sri Lanka - Postponed to 2023
Dec 29, 2021 | Shankra Sri Lanka

Dear Shankra Family,

We started this festival in 2015 and thanks to the enormous trust and effort by all our artists, deco crews, architects, volunteers, workers and most importantly by every single person who participated, we were able to make reality out of our desires and deliver five festival editions, year after year till 2020…when the pandemic hit the globe.

It’s with deep regret and sorrow that we have to postpone our Sri Lankan edition to February 2023. The current travel restrictions to and from Sri Lanka (7-day quarantine at arrival for unvaccinated people, and potential quarantine in the nation flying back for both) and due to the new variant Omicron, we would need to separate areas inside the festival venue for vaccinated people and unvaccinated people (after a negative PCR test at the entrance). With these given conditions, we are not able to conduct our event.

We acknowledge that with this late postponement our integrity might be in question since other festivals on the Island have been postponed 6 months ago. We didn’t want to postpone our event that early as we believed in our intention and worked towards it, hoping that the constant changes hitting the world would have been positive and worked in our favour.
Ultimately, this didn’t manifest as wished and it’s our moral responsibility to owe you our most sincere apologies.

Nevertheless, our gratitude goes to the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka, for dedicating their time and effort during the past months and for being supportive during the meetings that have been held.

All ticket holders of Shankra Sri Lanka 2022 will be granted access to Shankra Sri Lanka 2023, which will host the same artistic value as we were planning to offer this year and will take place from the 13th to the 19th of February 2023.

Optionally, if you wish to participate in Switzerland 2022 instead of Sri Lanka 2023, you can transfer your ticket accordingly, if you wish to resell in a secure way your ticket you can do it using our partner TicketSwap’s platform.

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