Discover the Vibrant Sri Lankan Culture!
Dec 3, 2020 | Shankra Sri Lanka

Are you eager to visit Sri Lanka or have you had it on your bucket list for a while?

Attend Shankra Festival 2022 and get a change to explore this lovely country!

Sri Lanka's 2000-plus years of culture can be discovered at ancient sites where legendary temples boast beautiful details even as they shelter in caves or perch on prominent peaks. Lying between the more trodden parts of India and Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka's history, culture and natural beauty are undeniably alluring. 

Explore the beaches, especially in the Northern and Eastern coast, where there are vast, deserted and beautiful swaths of sand. If you see a road heading towards the coast, take it and be prepared to the breathtaking view.

Ride by trains: you will enjoy the scenery, find greater comfort than buses and travel with a cross-section of locals.

Hit the markets: even if you don't want 100 green bananas, you'll see the country's bounty, meet people and get caught up in the bargaining frenzy.

Eat with the locals: a busy 'hotel' (cafe) in a town centre or near a bus terminal will serve rice and curry that's properly spicy, something impossible to find at any place catering to tourists. Watch the calendar: religious and cultural observances are honoured throughout the island. Especially Poya (full moon) nights are when celebrations take place across the country. Full moon day pretty happening every month are considered public and bank holiday. Therefore, shops and businesses might be closed. Join in the celebration with the locals!

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