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May 25, 2021 | Shankra Sri Lanka

Before you start your adventure in Sri Lanka to reach Shankra Festival 2022, here are some practical information to allow you to begin this journey safely:


To help avoid food-related problems, eat only freshly cooked food. It is better to avoid shellfish and not well-cooked fish, taking extra care to peel fruit and cook vegetables. If you feel like having a fresh salad, soak it in iodine water for at least twenty minutes.

Take care of your digestive system: if it’s your first time traveling or you have a delicate digestive process, always remember to pack some probiotic supplements, natural remedies and emergency medicines. Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly before eating.


Tap water is not safe to drink. Use bottled or filtered water; for the former, look for the small round ‘SLSI’ logo, which shows the water has been tested by the government’s Sri Lanka Standards Institution (the majority of local brands).

The climate reaches high temperature in this beautiful island: always remember to stay hydrated, drinking fresh filtered water and fruit juices. Always ask for filtered water when you try freshly made fruit juices.


Do your research before you go: in order to anticipate any food-related issue, research the local habits and health system. And if you want to turn your adventure in a culinary paradise, be sure to follow our news about Sri Lanka flavors: we will take you through the amazing world of Sri Lankan cuisine. You will be able to discover mouth-watering specialties and getting to know the dishes you will discover on the island!

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