Furious / Crazy Astronaut - Exploring Experimental Sounds
1 févr. 2021 | Shankra Interviews

How did your musical journey start and what’s the story behind your two projects?

Hello! Thank you for having me! I’m coming from a musical family, my grandfather Yuri Kovraiski was a trumpeter and composer, my father Vadim Golutvin is a composer and an amazing, extraordinary guitarist. The story of mine in electronic music is way too long to tell now, but I was producing drum n bass for few years until I heard Parasense and got to my first open air. Never liked goa trance and still not into it. But some music that came out of it I love, like full on and prog. Basically these are not “projects”, it’s just me, my pseudonyms. Furious was much of an exploration, studying synthesis production and sound design, non melodic, not musical approach. More like a vision and feeling given by sound and story then by melody or harmony. CA (Crazy Astronaut) is a blend, fusion of few techniques and genres. Some things from dnb, some from acid, some from psy. With CA it was an intention to produce ravey, less experimental and easier for understanding dance music. Bringing a bit of electronic music tradition to psy music.

What are the most characteristic features of your two projects’ music?

Furious is much more of experimental music. No rules. CA have certain standards that I’ve created and followed. Furious is creative madness, chaotic beast supported with psychedelic grooves. CA is melodic and big, with an intense RAVE feeling in some tracks.

What do you think is essential in the process of producing music?

The essential thing for me is to be responsible for every note and harmony change as well as being honest in what I’m doing. Be a professional. People feel when it’s not honest. Would never think of being someone else then myself.

Do you have any advice to young musicians that are approaching the world of music production?

Yes. Play instrument and learn theory. Tools are changing, theory - never. Find your MUSICAL language. Speak musically. Tell story with melody and harmony, with composition. And then produce it the way you like.

Do you live your job as a daily commitment? What motivates you?

I do. Music is what I make living from. Motivates.. Love motivates me. Family. Time. Other musicians’ great achievements.

An art piece, a book, a movie that you would like to suggest us.

An art piece - Arhip Kuindzi paints, a movie - all Scorsese, all Jarmush, a book, actually THE book - Fyodor Dostoevsky - Karamazov Brothers, Herman Hesse - Steppenwolf.

When did you play at Shankra Festival and how was your experience in our valley?

I've played twice in 2016 and 2017 and it was such a good energy, amazing, amazing people! Lovely! Thank you!

A special message to the Shankra Family!

Listen to your heart! Spread love! Forgive! Don’t regret! Never judge! See you on dancefloor, thank you!

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