Sustainability in Switzerland
Jan 27, 2021 | Shankra Switzerland

Switzerland is not only the land of immense mountains landscapes, clean lakes, crystal-clear rivers and unspoiled nature but also belongs to the world-best categories when it comes to sustainability, an integral part of the country’s identity.  

Gentle tourism, meanings conscious travelling that carefully minimizes climate impact, keeping in mind environmental protection through little changes and support of the local economy has been on demand for many years. Switzerland’s guests and inhabitants pay attention to their behaviour concerning ecology and mindful travel. 

Pure Drinkable Water

Drinking water can be found anywhere around Switzerland and is the product of natural resources: 80% of it originates from natural springs, glaciers and groundwaters, while the rest comes from lakes. Strict regulations result in the highest standard of hygiene and safety when it comes to the quality of water, demonstrating a balanced ecology for Swiss tap water. With an average rainfall per year of 60.5 inches, the country has superior natural reserves compared to other European countries. The majority of water is accumulated in the artificial lakes and dams, where electricity is also generated. This means that these fascinating hydroelectric dams produce more than half of Switzerland’s electricity, creating both renewable energy and CO2-free resources!

On-Time with Sustainable Mobility

Swiss transports are known for their punctuality, just as their population: the railway network, one of the most environmental-friendly transportation, offers a train every 12 minutes, with a total of 9’000 trains underway each day. If you want to explore one of the highest-altitude rail routes in Europe, hop on to the Bernina Express, offered by the Rhaetian Railway. Using 100% of hydropower for their properties, they work on an ongoing basis to improve the energy requirements on trains and railway stations: be it to minimize CO2, adopt renewable energy for heating or innovative recycling approaches!

Waste Management

Switzerland could be seen as one of the world leaders when it comes to waste management: Swiss citizens like to separate and recycle both organic and reusable waste: international studies such as the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) are a confirmation of a country that ranks amongst the first places in waste recycling.

Be it aluminium, old paper, glass, batteries or plastic, every Swiss citizen collects around 300 kilograms of recyclable material each year. At the same time, more than 300’000 tonnes of organic waste is turned into compost!

Preserving Biodiversity & Forest Legislation

Thanks to the varied habitats and mountains range, different weather conditions and soil types, Switzerland benefits from exceptional abundant biodiversity, protecting more than 45’000 surveyed species. Swiss legislation ensures that one-third of the country comprises woodlands and forests that remain unchanged from unnecessary clearances or wood-cutting. Woods provide a green and healthy environment, collecting CO2 greenhouse gas in biomass, thus diminishing harmful greenhouse gas in the atmosphere!

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