Shankra Switzerland 2020 postponed to 2021
Dec 4, 2020 | Shankra Switzerland

Dear Shankra Family,

We started this festival five years ago with a simple dream: to fill our valley with kindness that psychedelic music generates in people. From the very beginning, and during all these years, we have received an immeasurable amount of trust in response to our work. This has always been our main drive to do what we love to do.

Today, in this critical situation, we are asking you to take, once again, a big leap of faith in us.

Hope can be the source of both our biggest strengths and weaknesses. We had an unshakeable faith that our Festival could happen this year. Unfortunately, our assumptions and hope were misplaced: sooner or later we will be back to our daily life, enjoying and appreciating all the small gestures that the world has to offer, but it will take time and patience and, most of all, our individual and collective responsibility.

Your health is imperative to us and we will not compromise on it. Gathering up thousands of people from all over the world may jeopardize all the efforts and sacrifices that we are being through in this moment.

After briefing with every group of interest, with local and national authorities and with all the other festivals in the psychedelic scene, we have decided that the most responsible act is to postpone our event to 7 – 11 JULY 2021.

All the ticket holders will be granted access to Shankra 2021, which will host the exact same artistic value as we were planning to offer this year.

Shankra is entirely financed by ticket revenues, we always have been sponsor-free for a greater cause.

Ticket sales have been funding everything that goes into the production of our 2020 edition.

We will be working constantly to create, with our 6th Edition, the opportunity be together once again and to share the values for which stand for.

Your understanding and support in this unexpected situation will be much appreciated and vital.

If you have any inquiry or any reclaim, we kindly ask you to write to

Your Life is Your Message

Shankra Team

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