Embrace the Unexpected - Poetry
Jan 14, 2021 | Shankra Switzerland

Embrace the unexpected...our magical Lostallo Valley in Switzerland is covered in snow these first days of 2021 ❄️

From the boundaries of the sky rolling to the perpetual stream of life,

lofty mountains made of ice and rock, 

bursting splendour and ethereal clouds, 

sounds of steps resonating through the vales, 

together we are in a ceaseless motion, 

an harmony of a kind, 

blooming under the soil, 

snowy, restless, silent, 

feeling deeply universal minds, 

beaming growth getting louder and louder, 

and sighs as 

music begins. 

Home, when feeling understood

Overthrowing the limits of feeble dreams, 

flowers, fields and trees standing tall, 

relentless beats of presence, 

birds from far coming back,

coming anew, 

flying over mighty hollows,

secret lands of abundance, 

where stillness and motion

Embrace the unexpected. 

Through winter, Nature enhances introspection and suggests us to preserve our energy. 

With the beginning of a new year, we are faced with a chance for renovation, to prepare ourselves to bloom again and again ✨

 📝 Poem by @poetical.being

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