Complete Line-Up Swiss Edition 2022
Apr 25, 2022 | Shankra Switzerland

Dear Shankra Family,

we are delighted to announce the complete line-up for the upcoming Swiss Edition, from the 13th to the 17th of July 2022!

Special Mention:

Goa Gil 24H - Sunset to Sunset

Infected Mushroom - Retro Set

EOS Stage:

Altruism (Nano Records) Brazil

Astral Projection (TIP Records) Israel

Afgin (Suntrip Records) Israel

Archaic (Pralayah Records) Greece

Azax Syndrom *Retro Set* Israel

Axial Tilt (Looney Moon Records) Brazil

A-Tech (Dacru Records) Portugal

Battle of the Future Buddhas (Suntrip)

Beat Hackers *Retro Set* (Agitato) Israel

Bizzare Contact *Retro Set* Israel

Braincell (Nano Records) Switzerland

Bubble (Mushy Records) Israel

Celestial Intelligence (Suntrip) Macedonia

Cosinus (Sangoma Records) Switzerland

Cosmosis (Transient Records) Spain

Daksinamurti (Sangoma Records) Germany

Digicult (Dacru Records) Belgium

Diksha (Looney Moon Records) Brazil

DNA *Retro Set* (DNA Records) Israel

Earthspace (Nano Records) Brazil

Electric Universe (Dacru Records) Germany

Exolon (BMSS Records) Portugal

Fatali *Retro Set* (Blue Tunes) Israel

Filteria (Suntrip Records) Sweden

Galactic Explorers (Sacred Technology)

GMS *Retro Set* (Stereo Society) Israel

Goasia (Spacedok) Serbia

Groovebox (Grasshopper Records) Japan

Hyriderz (United Beat Records) France

Imaginarium (Digital Om) Serbia

Impulser (United Beat Records) Israel

Infected Mushroom (Retro Set) Israel

James West (Nano Records) UK

Kabayun (Sangoma Records) USA

Krama (Spin Twist Records) Greece

Kynethik (Grasshopper Records) Italy

Lexxus (Independent) Germany

Lifeforms (Iboga Records) Israel

Mad Maxx (United Beat Records) Spain

Magik (Nano Records) UK

Mahi (Narmada Music) Switzerland

Man With No Name (Dragonfly Records) UK

Martian Arts (Sangoma Records) Greece

Materia (24/7 Records) Austria

Morten Granau (Spint Twist) Denmark

Sabretooth (BMSS Records) Portugal

Sci Flyers (Antu Records) Swiss/India

Sebastian Kos (Antu Records) Switzerland

Second Side (Ovnimoon Records) Germany

Static Movement (Iboga Records) Israel

Superluminal (Sangoma Records) USA

Symbolic (Sacred Technology) Israel

Synthetik Chaos (Bom Shanka) France

Thatha (Nano Records) Brazil

Transwave (Perfecto Fluoro) France

U-Recken (Dacru Records) Israel

Vertex (Tesseract Studio) Serbia

Vibe Tribe *Retro Set* (Mainstage) Israel

Waio (24/7 Records) Brazil

Whiptongue (Looney Moon Records) Brazil

Yudhisthira (Forestdelic Records) Macedonia

Horizon Stage:

Atmos (Iboga Records) Sweden

Arcek (Kamino Records) Mexico

Audiopathik (Kamino Records) Mexico

Abyss Ooze (Dark Prisma) Argentina

Atomo (Sudside Trance) Switzerland

Armonix (SolarTech) Switzerland

Bezonance (Iono Music) Canada

Caemix (Savva Records) Switzerland

Crazy Astronaut (How2Make) Russia

Creator (Tesseract Studio) Switzerland

Dark Whisper (Alice-D Records) Germany

Deedrah *Retro Set* France

Edi (Juicy Noise) Austria

Estefano Haze (Iono Music) Germany

Evil Oil Man (Zenon Records) UK

Forma Mentis (Labyrinthine) Switzerland

Frantic Noise (Dark Prisma Records) Mexico

Futuro (Multidimensional) Mexico

GMO (Blue Tunes) Germany

H-Sunrise (GreenTree Records) Portugal

Haldolium (Blue Tunes) Germany

Highko (Noise Poison Records) Germany

Human Element (Iboga Records) Hungary

Hypogeo (Zenon Records) Italy

Insector (Kamino Records) Hungary

Klangperle (Sinsonic) Switzerland

Klopfgeister (Spin Twist Records) Germany

Kox (Sacred Technology) Macedonia

Kromagon (Zenon Record) USA

Masterkaos (Padma Renaissance) Swiss

Megalopsy (Dark Prisma Records) Argentina

Metronome (Blue Tunes) Germany

Miami Dolphins (Independent) Switzerland

Mimic Vat (Kamino Records) Portugal

Mindsurfer (Sinsonic Records) Switzerland

Müstik *Retro Set* (SolarTech) Switzerland

Necropsycho (Alice-D Records) Brazil

Nygma *Retro Set* (FrakaSound) Switzerland

Orgonflow (Amplidudes) Switzerland

OxiDaksi (Freak Records) Israel

Profiler (Iono Music) Switzerland

Razaleus (Sacred Sound) Hong Kong

Rumble Pack *Retro Set* Switzerland

SamJex (Independent) France

Schrott (Zenon Records) IT/USA

Sectio Aurea (Argot Digamma) Switzerland

Sensifeel (OneFeel Music) France

Silent Sphere (Iboga Records) Switzerland

Simply Simon (Alien Records) Swiss

Sonic System (Freak Records) Italy

Spirit & The Guide (Zephyr Records) Swiss/India

Suduaya (Altar Records) France

Symphonix (Blue Tunes) Germany

Technical Hitch (Alice-D Records) Israel

The Freak Show *Retro Set* Israel

Tranonica (Sun Department) Germany

Vibrasphere *Retro Set* Sweden

Wizack Twizack (Ovnimoon) Sweden

Zat Zak (Profound Records) Portugal

Zermor (Propheti Records) Switzerland

Lotus Stage:

Asura (Altar Records) France

Alwoods (Altar Records) Greece

Ariane (Avatar Records) USA

Aeeum (Independent) Slovenia

Black Sun (Polygroup) Switzerland

Blueberry (Independent) Switzerland

Canopus (Tribal Sphere) United Kingdom

Comrade (MIGMA Collective) Italy

Cosmic Touch (SusmaBeats) Finland

Dalton Trance Teleport (Mystic sound) Croatia

Diego (Independent) Switzerland

Ego-T (Zenon Records) Sweden

Eric Rose (Independent) Ukraine

Far Beyond (Altar Records) Macedonia

Goa Gil (Avatar Records) USA

Halfred (Merkaba Music) Italy

Invisible Ralf (Shipwreck) Netherlands

Jakare (Merkaba Music) Italy

Jossie Telch (Iboga Tech) Mexico

Key-G (Merkaba Music) Croatia

Lo.Renzo (Blue Hour Sounds) Italy

M.Solez (6850 Clique) Switzerland

Maluns (Blue Tunes Records) Switzerland

Meelk (Hadra Records) France

Mental Khal (UV Lab) Syria

Merlin (Altar Records) Serbia

Nanoplex (Iboga Tech) United Kingdom

Nyah (Höngger Clan) Switzerland

Osiris4 (Planet Rhythm) Switzerland

Prisma (Dark Prisma) Argentina

Sette AFK (Independent) Italy

Spiky (Ovnimoon Records) Romania

Spiral Hand (TOS Crew) Switzerland

Suduaya (Altar Records) France

Suspect One (Underground) Switzerland

Triforce (Zenon Records) Australia

Two Suspects (Iboga Records) Switzerland

Vibrasphere (Tribal Vision) Sweden

Yell (Sonotika) Switzerland

Your Life is Your Message

Shankra Team

Swiss Edition 2022 Will Take Place
Apr 23, 2022 | Shankra Switzerland

Dear Shankra Family,

we are extremely delighted to announce that the Swiss edition will take place on 13 -17 July 2022 in Lostallo, with no particular sanitary restriction following the Swiss Government announcement of 17 February 2022.

We are counting the days to celebrate life again in our beautiful valley, under one flag.

Swiss Edition Dates: 13-17 July 2022

Sri Lankan Edition Dates: 13-19 February 2023

Your Life is Your Message

Shankra Team

Shankra Switzerland 2021 will return again in the magical valley in 2022!
May 18, 2021 | Shankra Switzerland

Dear Shankra Family,

Throughout the years, our collective dream has been manifested faithfully with many: the welcoming region of Lostallo and its locals, artisans, associations, countless local suppliers, families, friends and most importantly by you, people gathering from all over the world to share a unique message.

After carefully evaluating the current situation worldwide and the regulations still present due to the pandemic, we recognize the incompatibility between the usual festival experience and such regulations: Shankra Festival is about free expression and we do not wish to transform its core identity into restrictions and doubts.

Our very individual and collective responsibility is vital in this situation to shape a brighter future without compromises. Briefing with every group of interest, local and national authorities, we have decided, with great regret, that the most reasonable act is to postpone our Swiss event to 13 – 17 JULY 2022.

We will be working constantly to create our 6th Swiss edition, an opportunity to be together once again and to share the values for which we stand for. Our Festivals are entirely financed by ticket sales, without sponsors or third party investments. Your understanding and support in this situation is vital and much appreciated.

All ticket holders of Shankra Switzerland 2020 & 2021 will be granted access to Shankra Switzerland 2022, which will take place from the 13th to the 17th of July 2022.

If you have any inquiry or reclaim, we kindly ask you to write to

Your Life is Your Message

Shankra Team

Children's Village: Participate & Get the Exclusive έως Playlist
Mar 18, 2021 | Shankra Switzerland

Get an exclusive access to the έως (Eos) Playlist for Shankra Festival Sri Lanka 2022 by clicking here!

“The soul is healed by being with children.” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Since 2016, Shankra Festival welcomes families and children to spend their time in a peaceful site surrounded by nature - uncontaminated greenery, rich in plants and flowers - to make our curious creatures understand, appreciate the greatness and the diversity of the Universe. We keep in mind an eco-friendly concept with less impact on nature, using recycled material where children are free to play, join craft and artistic activities or participate in a variety of inspiring and creative workshops specifically developed for growing minds.


We would like to carry out this survey to understand your preferences and how to better our services for the different families that visit Shankra Festival. Please take a few minutes to share constructive responses for us to improve the collective effort of this beautiful journey we are all on by clicking here.

By participating, you will get an exclusive access to the έως (Eos) Playlist for Shankra Festival Sri Lanka 2022!

Kids below 11 years old can participate in the activities held at the Village, where they can pass the time by discovering new things, playing with other kids and exploring nature. They are surrounded by professional educators that inspire and nurture them with constructive and fun moments!

Jam Sessions at Shankra - Get in the Groove
Feb 23, 2021 | Shankra Switzerland

Music unites everyone.

At Shankra Festival, we have a broad spectrum of music that goes beyond electronic sounds, psytrance rhythms and loopy psychedelic grooves. At our venue, everyone is welcome to bring out their inner talents and emotions, expressing themselves through body, voice and movement, resonating with the rhythm of the festival.

We believe that music is universal and non-hierarchical. The idea of gathering for daily jam sessions allows not only musicians but also our Shankra guests, including kids, avid listeners and unrestrained dancers to mingle with each other, and move to the sounds of improvised music with trumpets, bongos, percussions, guitars, spin drums, tambourines, expressive voices and much more!

Musical improvisations happen when creative sounds are combined with instrumental techniques, and a one-of-a-kind connection happens between musician and listener or between other musicians, producing magical and unexpected interactions. A shift from harmony to many other dimensions of music, including timbre, melodic intervals, rhythm and spontaneous sharing between players, creates new and unique performances, rendering the perfect atmosphere to enjoy music and manifest love towards one another.

Sustainability in Switzerland
Jan 27, 2021 | Shankra Switzerland

Switzerland is not only the land of immense mountains landscapes, clean lakes, crystal-clear rivers and unspoiled nature but also belongs to the world-best categories when it comes to sustainability, an integral part of the country’s identity.  

Gentle tourism, meanings conscious travelling that carefully minimizes climate impact, keeping in mind environmental protection through little changes and support of the local economy has been on demand for many years. Switzerland’s guests and inhabitants pay attention to their behaviour concerning ecology and mindful travel. 

Pure Drinkable Water

Drinking water can be found anywhere around Switzerland and is the product of natural resources: 80% of it originates from natural springs, glaciers and groundwaters, while the rest comes from lakes. Strict regulations result in the highest standard of hygiene and safety when it comes to the quality of water, demonstrating a balanced ecology for Swiss tap water. With an average rainfall per year of 60.5 inches, the country has superior natural reserves compared to other European countries. The majority of water is accumulated in the artificial lakes and dams, where electricity is also generated. This means that these fascinating hydroelectric dams produce more than half of Switzerland’s electricity, creating both renewable energy and CO2-free resources!

On-Time with Sustainable Mobility

Swiss transports are known for their punctuality, just as their population: the railway network, one of the most environmental-friendly transportation, offers a train every 12 minutes, with a total of 9’000 trains underway each day. If you want to explore one of the highest-altitude rail routes in Europe, hop on to the Bernina Express, offered by the Rhaetian Railway. Using 100% of hydropower for their properties, they work on an ongoing basis to improve the energy requirements on trains and railway stations: be it to minimize CO2, adopt renewable energy for heating or innovative recycling approaches!

Waste Management

Switzerland could be seen as one of the world leaders when it comes to waste management: Swiss citizens like to separate and recycle both organic and reusable waste: international studies such as the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) are a confirmation of a country that ranks amongst the first places in waste recycling.

Be it aluminium, old paper, glass, batteries or plastic, every Swiss citizen collects around 300 kilograms of recyclable material each year. At the same time, more than 300’000 tonnes of organic waste is turned into compost!

Preserving Biodiversity & Forest Legislation

Thanks to the varied habitats and mountains range, different weather conditions and soil types, Switzerland benefits from exceptional abundant biodiversity, protecting more than 45’000 surveyed species. Swiss legislation ensures that one-third of the country comprises woodlands and forests that remain unchanged from unnecessary clearances or wood-cutting. Woods provide a green and healthy environment, collecting CO2 greenhouse gas in biomass, thus diminishing harmful greenhouse gas in the atmosphere!

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