Koen- Dacru Records: Melodic & Psychedelic
8. März 2021 | Shankra Interviews

You manage Dacru Records, prominent record label in the Psychedelic Trance scene. How did you start your journey in this project?

It was back in 2001 already that we organized a first party with some friends. It all started out very small, but over the following years a lot more events followed. And after already binding a couple of good artists to our organization and arranging some bookings and tours for them, it was the next logical step to form a proper label.


According to you, what are the most important goals of a record label?

There are many goals to achieve, but in general it’s working together with the artists to produce the best possible release. It’s the artist’s responsibility to create a timeless piece of music and the label’s task to put it out there in a way that as many people as possible can enjoy it. And have some great memories for the rest of their lives.


How do you choose to collaborate with specific artists?

For the artists that we really ask to join our label family on a long term bases, it’s important to have a good understanding. Of course everything starts with the music which needs to be good and suited for the label. We focus on the melodic and psychedelic. Apart from the music we also need a good personal and professional connection with the artist, otherwise it will not be something for the long turn. Luckily we have been blessed to work with many talented artists who are already with us since many years.


One musical experience you lived that really affected you

Difficult to pick just one experience. I’ve had some great times seeing Astral Projection and Man With No Name, they never fail. I’ve seen DigiCult play hundreds of times leading to many great memories. Maybe some of the best experiences were in the early years when we didn’t even know who was playing. Can I pick something non psytrance? I have particular fond memories of a Manu Chao concert at a festival in Belgium in 2001.

What do you think about the sustainability, ecological development and future of the psychedelic culture?

I am sure that many people in the psytrance scene do their best to consider the environment, probably more than in other subcultures. But of course there is always room for improvement, and that goes for everyone both the organizers and the visitors of psytrance events.

Do you think that music may have an effect on society and on people’s lives?

Maybe not the music only as such, but the whole subculture that comes with it of course it effects your life and chances your view on things. I like to think in a positive way. I guess the effect on society won’t be all that much, but for sure it would be a lot more sad if we weren’t there.

Over the years, we welcomed many artists from Dacru Records at Shankra Festival. Do you have feedback from them about their experience with us?

Yes! I have heard many positive stories from the Festival in Switzerland. Especially everyone always speaks very highly about the venue and its beautiful setting.

Many Dacru artists will play at Shankra Festival Sri Lanka 2022. Will you join us too? What are your expectations?

I am actually considering that yes. In 2003 I spent a few weeks backpacking in Sri Lanka on my first trip outside Europe. It’s a great country! I would love to return with some friends

and enjoy it again. And having a look at the line-up and hearing from many people, it seems like there will be a lot of friends there.

A special message to the Shankra Family!

I can’t wait to trance and dance with the Shankra Family and I really hope it will be possible in 2021 already!

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