Laughing Buddha - Let the Journey Unfold
19 févr. 2021 | Shankra Interviews

What and when was your first encounter with electronic music?

I was thrown in the deep end when a friend of mine returned from Goa in 1990 and took me to some parties in London such as Gumbo, Little People, Ahimsa, Focal Point etc. I had kind of missed out on the 80’s rave scene as I was more focused on playing guitar, so my first rave experiences were proper Goa parties drenched in fluoro and full of colourful freaks!! My life was never the same after that…

What inspires you the most in creating your music?

I feel inspired by my experiences on the dance floor and by creating that space for other people to immerse themselves in. To me, Trance music is a kind of active meditation that allows us to experience a completely different consciousness for healing, exploration and FUN! I feel honored to be a facilitator of this.

How do you tell a story in your music during your musical performances?

I just like to get into the flow and let the journey unfold with the help of the people on the dance floor… we’re all writing the story together ;)

What’s the story behind your artist’s name?

I actually inherited the name Laughing Buddha from my partner in Cosmosis, Bill. He had been using the name before we started working together and we used it for our releases on T.I.P. Records. When we went our separate ways he kept the name Cosmosis and I took Laughing Buddha. However, I do think it suits me very well :D

Do you think that artists still play a role in society? What effects can he/she/they have?

Absolutely!! To me, art of all kinds is fundamental to society. It brings people together to form communities and gives them a voice. Without art we are just machines carrying out the function of survival. Artistic expression is an important part of what makes us human and can bring about huge changes in society.

Share with us a funny moment that you experienced in your job.

More memorable than funny, one experience that comes to mind was a few years ago when I was on tour in Brazil. It was my birthday and I was playing at the wonderful Progressive Festival in Curitiba. I wasn’t expecting anything, but at the end of my set a cake was brought onto the stage and 3000 people sang Happy Birthday to me in Portuguese!

Do you have a specific memory connected to Shankra Festival?

The last edition of Shankra was amazing. I had a great slot right before Juno Reactor on the main night and the dance floor was completely packed. The energy was incredible and right in front of me the whole time were two guys dressed up as Vikings going totally nuts and waving their axes in the air!

You will play your music at Shankra Festival Sri Lanka 2022. How will you prepare your set?

I never prepare my sets. Each performance is mixed live and spontaneously in the moment to suit the vibe and energy of the dance floor. However, I will of course be preparing plenty of new blasters to open the psychedelic portal for you all ;)

A special message to the Shankra Family!

Every experience I’ve shared with you guys has been amazing… can’t wait for the next chapter. Love you all!!!!

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